1. Fiction

Short Stories:

“Quem Quaeritis,” Vautrin Magazine (2022).

“The Deep Tangle,” Cutleaf (2022). https://cutleafjournal.com/fiction/the-deep-tangle/

“She Shimmered,” Fourteen Hills 27 (2021).

“Bodrum,” Hobart (December 2020).

“Bees in the Wall,” Chicago Review (2020). https://www.chicagoreview.org/bees-in-the-wall/

“All the Valentinos,” Confrontation 124 (Spring 2020).

“Sweet Gulf,” Novella Anthology (Running Wild Press 2019).

“Veiled Threat,” Southern Humanities Review 52.2 (2019).

“Room with a View,” December (Fall 2018).

“Gray Gardens,” So to Speak (2018).

“Coins,” The Chattahoochee Review (Spring 2018).

“Straw Men,” Westview (Spring/Summer 2018).

“Bling,” Litro 159, The First Date Issue (2017).

“Palette,” Reed Review, 150th Anniversary Issue (2017).

“Blackbirds,” The Wisconsin Review (2017).

“Smoke,” Crannóg Magazine 43 (Autumn 2016). *Pushcart nominated.

“Montmartre,” Stand (Dec. 2016).

“Vines,” Southwest Review 101, no. 3 (2016).

“Sunday Outing,” Midwestern Gothic (July 2016).

“Calder’s Circus,” 2016 Great American Fiction Anthology (Saturday Evening Post, 2016).

“The Mycenaeans,” Chicago Quarterly Review 22 (Spring 2016).

“Carnival Supplies,” The MacGuffin (Winter 2015).

“Ghost Crabs,” China Grove (Spring 2015).

“Trafficking David,” NY ___ .  Transportation Issue 5 (Fall 2013/Winter 2014).

“The Aerialist,” Zone 3 (2013).

“Nymphs,” Avery 7 (2011).

“At Sea,” Battle Runes: Writings on War (Brooklyn, NY: Editions Bibliotekos, 2011).

“Siege,” R-KV-RY, A Quarterly Literary Journal (Spring 2006).

“Curious Creatures,” Main Street Rag (Spring 2006).

“Running to Paradise,” Bardsong (June 2004).

“Another Hamlet,” Mississippi Review 29, no. 3 (2001).

“Sunday Outing,” Blueline XXI (2000).

“Ecomare,” Stirring (September 2000).

Micro/experimental prose

“She Shimmered,” Fourteen Hills 27 (2021).

“Bodrum,” Hobart (December 2020).

“Ghost Lover,” O: JA&L (November 2017). *Pushcart nominated.

“Cubist Lovers” & “Lubbock Taxi Driver from Roswell,” Vagabonds: Anthology of the Mad Ones 3, no. 1 (Weasel Press, 2014).

“Loons,” Sisters Born, Sisters Found (Wordforest Press, 2014).

“Passages,” Post Road Magazine 25 (Guest Folio)(2013).

“Ironton,” theNewerYork The Electronic Encyclopedia of Experimental Literature(online, 2013).

“Betatakin,” NANO (November 2012).

“The Repast of Joyce Carol Oates,” Alimentum (June 2011).

“Shell Shores,” “Dark Matters,” “Flint Hills” & “Dog Gone,” Parameter (Spring 2006).


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