3. Collages

easing restrictions

“Easing Restrictions,” The New Southern Fugitive 4.1 (2020).

ontheleft decoder EEE

Onetheleft:decoder:EEE.  https://code-art.xyz/issues/

wild fires

Online at HCE magazine. https://hcemagazine.com/wild-fires-c-r-resetarits/

fiction flathttp://curamag.com/issues/2018/2/7/example-piece-9ehww-t5wxh-blz2d-474fk-ah7rc-tr3d8


cover journal

“Creation,” cover art

Almost there

My “Almost there,” first published in Inkwell Journal 2020.



Lady blue 1

Collages by C. R. Resetarits

Gannett Peak

Three of my tiny collages @ TIMBER  https://timber-journal.com/

real unreal


sanctuary “Sanctuary” Gulf Stream 24 (2020)

i work from home“I work from home,” Gulf Stream 24 (2020)


My collages as cover, front and back, and two more, black and white, inside.

postcard debutant

Check out a couple postcard collages/poem frags.



hide & seek title white.jpg

Front cover. Falling Star 2019.

down and across alt 4 name.jpg

Back cover. Falling Star 2019

2 shhh.png

“Shhh” from the online Secrets issue @Barrelhouse magazine

1 cover copy

Declaration of intent.

New collage from a group on work: https://aboutplacejournal.org/issues/infinite-country/east-rebirth/c-r-resetarits/

Check out a couple new collages @ecotheo http://www.ecotheo.org/author/c-r-resetarits/


cosmic kissing copyhttps://as.vanderbilt.edu/nashvillereview/archives/15609?fbclid=IwAR2qnG2lvqim7_Yh9iLm2zYC4Blr1fFeD0Tvzvmi2ZYH6LMIDrCdS5KE65w

Check out my visual poem in Petrichor Magaziine #12: http://petrichormag.com/12-c-r-resetarits/


dead horse point crr

From New Southern Fugitive Summer 2019


“Canyons,” appearing in the 2019 So It Goes: The Literary Journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library tribute to Slaughterhouse Five.

worker_The Lepidopterist


From the “Worker Series” in Genre: Urban Arts (2019).


“Charleston,” in Sonder Review (Summer 2019).

symmetry 3

Symmetry #2

The Ellspermanns 1-4

Here are the four all together. The Ellspermanns.

Last panel up — https://matterpress.com/journal/2019/05/09/the-ellspermanns-4-of-4/

Third time’s the charm. 3/4 https://matterpress.com/journal/2019/05/02/the-ellspermanns-3-of-4/

big horn view

Up now @ https://arkanamag.org/2019/04/30/search-rescue/

The Ellspermanns (2 of 4)

The Ellspermanns (1 of 4)

Angel, Connect the Dots, and Gender Studies 1.1

MIDWAY Journal 13.2


Neptune’s kitchen.

Tous les Soirs

Out now in April issue of GRAVEL.

stacking the deck

“Stacking the deck”

gender studies 1.1

“Gender Studies 1,” Midway forthcoming with two other collages


“Sketchy men,” Gravel forthcoming with two other collages


From chaleurmagazine.com/essay/2018/3/20/beauty-dickinson-moss-taylor